Becoming One with Technology

Wired has an awesome article today about nerve-electronic hybrids: Nerve-Electronic Hybrid Could Meld Mind and Machine.

At first when I saw the above article’s title, I thought Toyota had managed to take the Prius to a whole new level. Thankfully I was wrong, as this article signals something that can be so much more beneficial to mankind than being directly wired to a vehicle. It could actually be used to refine prosthetics, even more so than this: Bionic breakthrough: The prosthetic arm that amputees control with their MIND.

If our scientists can actually create such amazing technology as mind-controlled prosthetics, nerve-electronic hybrids, and gaze-controlled interactions…Why are so many interfaces out there plagued with usability issues? Have we not learned enough about the human mind and its capabilities to design usable and useful interfaces? The platforms on which we create have moved–quite successfully–beyond the point-and-click interfaces most of us grew up using, meaning that as UX specialists we can create more intuitive interaction paradigms for users. And with advancements in programming languages (creation of HTML 5, jQuery updates), there is no reason why designers and programmers alike can’t support bringing new interactions to life.

So, why do I keep seeing silly things like fancy search tools with too many clicks and inappropriately spaced buttons, links, and checkboxes on modern websites? It makes no sense.