iPhone 4 Has an “Oops!” Moment

As anybody who knows me will attest to, I love my iPhone 4. Yes, I hate the fact that I was basically forced into buying one because the iOS4 update bricked my 3Gs. But I rarely hold the child responsible for the sins of the father, so I’m not holding my iPhone4 responsible for the forced obsolescence of my previous phone.

Now, I rely fairly heavily on my iPhone4 to help me prepare for the week. So when I was attempting to plan my day around the weather, imagine my confusion when I saw this…

Apparently the sun had only risen in Shorewood, IL, while Utica, Aurora, and Chicago, IL were all still in the dark. Even more funny was the fact that I had just exited Union Station and was having trouble reading my iPhone because the sun was blinding me. What could have caused my iPhone4 to have such a brainfart? Don’t know. Everything else was functioning perfectly fine with my phone that morning.