UIXperience Publishes Its First White Paper

Shopping on the Go: Designing Mobile Commerce Applications has just been made available for download on UIX’s website under the News section. See here: http://bit.ly/eK0y26.

It’s a short white paper listing out 5 key principles for designing mobile commerce applications:

1. Limit on-screen information
2. Minimize memory load
3. Make screen items intuitive to understand and easy to use
4. Minimize device manipulation
5. Use clear and noticeable feedback

The overall theme is that the mobile commerce application is the foundation for the relationship between consumers and retailers on the mobile channel. Therefore, UX teams have to create easy and reliable shopping experiences so consumers feel comfortable using the application and decide to build a relationship with retailers on the mobile channel. The 5 key principles outlined in the white paper are what the author has observed over countless user testings to be the most common requirements of consumers yet the most poorly addressed by retailers in their mobile applications. It’s a worthwhile read for those who are looking for a quick introduction to the important user experience aspects of mobile commerce applications.